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Narrative non-fiction book about the Space Shuttle Columbia accident, working for NASA on the return to flight missions, and consulting services.
Columbia Accident, Columbia Disaster, Return to Flight, Space Shuttle Program, Manned Spaceflight, Human Space Flight, Foam Debris, Johnson Space Center
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Consulting Services

Start Improving Your Organization Today
“Contact Dr. Peters to help your Organization Return to ___________________.”


Want to “Return your organization” to profitability, high quality products, customer service, efficient processes, or improved employee relations? Dr. Peters would work with your organization to develop a customized engagement and apply the same fundamental principles that were successfully implemented on the Space Shuttle Return to Flight missions to improve your performance.


• Risk Management, System Safety, Managing Change, Probabilistic Risk Assessment •

Dr. Peters has over 25 years of Project Management and Engineering Systems Design experience with NASA on the Commercial Crew, Constellation and Space Shuttle Programs and the Boeing Company as a Project Manager on the Space Shuttle, Homeland Defense, Orbital Space Plane, International Space Station and SeaLaunch Programs. Engineering areas of expertise include large systems integration, risk management, probabilistic risk assessment, software integration and simulation, spacecraft design and operations, manufacturing and testing, life support systems, as well as vehicle assembly and launch operations.

• Motivational, Educational, Informational, Keynote •

Dr. Peters has served as the keynote speaker for organizations such as the Information Management Network, XO Company, FutureCom, Project Management Institute, Hewlett Packard “Top Gun” Leadership Conference, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Dow Chemical/Union Carbide, The Boeing Company, AIAA/IEEE Association, Embry-Riddle University commencement, Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, NASA, Civil Air Patrol National Congress and the Minnesota State Fair.

• Human Spaceflight, System Engineering, Design for Minimal Risk, Risk Management •

Dr. Peters has taught over 100 graduate courses at Embry-Riddle University in the areas of Space Operations, Operations Research, Technical Management and Aeronautical Science as well as served as Center Academic Advisor for the Houston Regional Office. Designed and taught a Human Space Exploration Systems Design short course for LaunchSpace, Inc. For the Boeing Company, Dr. Peters was a Leadership for Space instructor, Master Instructor for Airport Explosive Detection Equipment and Operations, Software Engineering Institute Level 3 Certification Training instructor and Workplace Safety instructor.

• Teambuilding, Decision Making, High Performance Work Systems, Process Improvement, Barrier Busting •

Dr. Peters has work with organizations such as Boeing, NASA, Quasar Data Center, and Homeland Defense to obtain competitive advantage through High Performance Works Systems, Strategic Planning & Organizational Structure, Teambuilding & Virtual Teams, Rewards and Motivation, Creating Learning Organizations, and Leading Teams. Applied Program Management methods include: Integrated Product Teams, Process Based Management (PBM), Phantom Works, Spiral Development, TQM and Software Engineering Institute – Capability Maturity Model. Led many teams and developed their competitive advantage through implementing High Performance Work System techniques such as high employee involvement, concurrent engineering, creating learning organizations, strategic planning, organizational development and teambuilding.

Dr. James F. Peters | Consulting Services



University of Alabama in Huntsville

Major: Systems Engineering – Engineering Management

Awarded: 1997



University of Alabama in Huntsville

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Awarded: 1993



University of Maryland

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Awarded: 1987



United States Naval Academy

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Awarded: 1985


Harvard Business School Executive Development: 2013

Professional Leadership Program (18 months): 2008-2009

Situation Leadership (40 hours): 2007

Completed over 20 specialized NASA training classes totaling over 500 hours




Part 1    Indoctrination into the Space Program – May 2002

Part 2    International Space Station Operations and Systems Familiarization – July 2002

Part 3    Space Shuttle Operations and Systems Familiarization – August 2002



Human Space Flight:  40 hours

Space Vehicle Mechanism:  24 hours

Understanding Space:  16 hours

Systems Engineering:  24 hours



Completed over 100 Boeing training classes and seminars totaling over 1000 hours



Navy Submarine School – Groton, Connecticut:  1987

Navy Nuclear Prototype – Idaho Falls, Idaho:  1987

Navy Nuclear Power School – Orlando, Florida:  1986

NASA Outstanding Performance Award

Constellation Program – 2010


NASA “Quasar” Award

Outstanding Leadership for Shuttle Return to Flight – 2008


JSC Center Directors Innovation Award 

Shuttle Debris Risk Assessment – 2007


13 NASA Awards

Leading the Debris Team and Return to Flight Tasks – 2005-2008


Embry-Riddle University

Outstanding Instructor Award – 2000, 2011


30 Boeing Awards

Outstanding Performance & Team Awards – 1992-2004

Start Improving Your Organization Today