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Narrative non-fiction book about the Space Shuttle Columbia accident, working for NASA on the return to flight missions, and consulting services.
Columbia Accident, Columbia Disaster, Return to Flight, Space Shuttle Program, Manned Spaceflight, Human Space Flight, Foam Debris, Johnson Space Center
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Dr. James F. Peters | Return to Flight


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Return to Flight is a true-life story that involves a historical shuttle disaster that killed seven astronauts. The story describes the passion and dedication from the men and women who, in the wake of the Columbia disaster, supported this nation’s Manned Space Program and strived to make the next Shuttle mission the safest ever flown. It is narrated by Dr. James F. Peters, who served as the Shuttle Debris Integration Chair. He was responsible for correcting the debris problems that led to the Columbia Accident on STS-107 and Returning the Shuttle Fleet to operational flight status. During the first Return to Flight mission, STS-114, he led a large team of NASA engineers and contractors dedicated toward working and solving debris issues. The job delved into the abstract world of probabilistic risk assessment and advanced analytic modeling to determine the safety of flight risk and whether to jeopardize the well-being of the astronaut crew and the Space Shuttle. The very existence of the Shuttle Program hinged in the balance.